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Raising Tactical Daughters Foundation

Not Just A Non- Profit

Raising Tactical Daughters is not just another Non-Profit. We are a much needed organization that will never stop fighting to ensure our woman and young girls are safe. From proactive education, to recovery services, we will fight with you and for you through it all!

How do we help?

Raising Tactical Daughters mission is to help all woman and young girls stay safe. We focus on proactive training to aid in those efforts.

However the sad truth is we wont be able to protect everyone, and some women will need exponential help in their recovery process. 

Raising Tactical Daughters teams up with organizations around the country to aid all survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking in their recovery process. Which can include, basic necessities, housing, legal fees, Hospital and healthcare fees, relocation fees, therapy options and more. We offer full scholarships to all of our courses and our partner self defense instructors around the country to survivors. 

If we do not have partners in your area, or you have specific needs, we will do our very best to make sure you get taken care of.

What's coming next?

Raising Tactical Daughters is constantly working on new efforts to ensure every women is taken care of. We have a few initiatives currently being worked on to further our mission.

• Scheduling events for Middle and High school girls.
• Implement incoming college freshman women's safety plan.
• incorporate our courses into Girl Scouts.
• Increase partners throughout the country.
• Schedule more in person courses throughout the country.
• Expanding globally.

Therapy Services, Women's organizations, Instructors

As we expand, we are always looking for new and approved partners around the country. If you are an established business or organization please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours. This isn't a fight we can do alone, and we appreciate everyone who has supported and joined us!